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Granite Slab Colors & Sample Images

Welcome to our gallery of 192 popular granite slab colors. We have listed the colours on four pages as follows:

A to B: Absolute Black to Bros Blue
C to K: Cambrian Black to Kerala Green
L to R: Labrador Antique to Royal Olive
S to Z: Sage Brush to Zeus Gold

Please note that some colors may be duplicated by their popular trading names.


This website features granite slab colors from all over the world however these colors may not be available in your region for a variety of reasons and the principal reason for this is lack of demand. The good news is that your local wholesale importer can usually order your color on "forward" delivery but do remember that the veining will usually differ greatly to those shown here and do allow an extra 2-3 months for the slabs to arrive.

Azul Bahia Granite Image Leopard White Granite Image Bros Blue Granite Image

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