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November 2014 - Welcome to our new website. This will be an on-going project as we transfer information from our original website S-N.com to this, a fully responsive HTML5 site which should work on whatever device you visit us. If you find any bugs please let us know.

We have several new ideas we shall be implementing over the next few months and if there is anything specific you would like us to include please contact us.

At the moment we have only 192 granite slab images on display but we do have many more to upload likewise with all natural stones.

Availability Of Stone Colours

This website features natural stone slab colours from all over the world however these colours may not be available in your region for a variety of reasons and the principal reason for this is lack of demand. The good news is that your local wholesale importer can usually order your colour on "forward" delivery but do remember that the veining will usually differ greatly to those shown here and do allow an extra 2-3 months for the slabs to arrive.

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Do You Have Any Stone Slab Images To Include?

If you have any stone colour(s) not shown here please Contact Us.

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