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Looking through our sample pages, it is evident that there are many different colours from which to choose. In actual fact we only show about 1,000 of the most popular colours and currently there are approximately 30,000 known materials. This number increases monthly especially as the Brazilians and Indians bring even more new quarries to the fore. Realistically Africa has not even started yet therefore expect some fantastic granite and marble colours to come from that region.

All the colours are natural, nothing has been added to make these stones more beautiful or acceptable to the home owner or project specifier. Their natural veins add character and warmth to any area plus the reduction in processing costs over the past few years have made them more accessible to the home owner. The choice is yours, blue, red, white, black, green and brown, sparkling granites such as the Indian Star Galaxy or the incredible Ukrainian and Finnish labradorites...there is bound to be one that takes your heart.

These affordable granites have now made it possible for those remodelling their homes and for new build construction to have complementary colours for almost any type of natural wood or contemporary material.

Not surprisingly colour usage varies from country to country. Generally in Europe the darker colours dictated by fashion are the most popular especially Absolute Black and Star Galaxy along with dark greens such as Verde Uba Tuba or Emerald Pearl with its incredible lustrous blue crystals on a dark background.

In North America almost "anything" seems to be the order of the day with many buyers demanding what they want rather than considering resale values. Granites with lots of movement and especially so with gold, brown and blues being very popular. Meanwhile China loves the red granites, the Bethel White from the USA and what is their most popular granite? Black Galaxy from India!

Which granite colour is best? This will depend whether you are paying an interior designer or going with your heart! Lighter colours will warm up dark cabinets meanwhile darker granites add that touch of "class" to lighter cabinetry. It cannot be emphasised enough to ensure you get a good sized sample, a granite tile will do nicely, to actually see what your cabinets and overall colour scheme will look like. You may be quite surprised how some "brown" granites look very red against some dark natural woods.

Once you have decided the granite colour you require, do ensure that you see the slabs you want, select them and reserve them with your name! If you are waiting for new incoming stocks, view the slab colours again before approving your order. Granite slabs with a lot of veins and movement vary so much from block to block that you need to be happy that is what you actually want.

It is important to point out that some dealers deliberately use confusion marketing tactics by re-naming popular granites with their own names! We know the real names of many different materials and can probably assist you if required. Ask your supplier the country of origin and if you have any doubts, ask us!

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