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The beauty and exquisiteness of granite is a very attractive option for home owners and interior designers. It has been an option for decades for customers to use granite as countertops as it gives their kitchen a creative and appealing feel about it. Choosing granite as a material of choice can be quite costly however it is still in demand by many. Solid granite countertops may not be everyones option due to not being able to invest in granite or their home may be in an area where resale values are limited. Another option to consider is using granite tile countertops as a subsitute.

Granite tiles are available in hundreds of different colours, this is very useful when matching up to your design and colour scheme. Granite tiles have the same elements as solid countertops. The reason for granite tiles being produced is that not every block that comes out of the quarry is large enough to be made in to slab form so is cut down to tiles. Tiles are also used for flooring and shower installations. Tiles will be cut down to measurements of 305 mm (12") up to 610 mm (24").

Granite tile countertops are a desirable option when it comes to kitchen lovers. Just like solid countertops, you can place a hot pan or pot on the surface of the tiles without damaging the granite and is also useful for rolling pastry or handling dough. As there are numbers of different colours of granite to choose from you can almost guarantee that you will find a colour to match your cabinets and colour scheme. Granite tiles can used be used for full sections of countertops and splashbacks in the kitchen. However if you want to lessen the labour costs you can use granite as a focal point, for example on an island unit, along with other materials used for the main countertops.

Granite tiles can be enjoyed and used wisely for a home owner on a smaller budget. Instead of having a solid granite countertop there are other options. You could have granite tiles set or inlaid in to other materials used for the countertop, such as laminate. You could use a 610 mm (24") tile near the hob or oven so when you have a sorching pan or pot you can place it on the granite tile without damaging your laminate countertop. Another useful option for granite tiles is to use a tile for rolling pastry or handling dough. Home owners can still enjoy the benefits of granite when having a smaller budget.

Granite tiles are an excellent option for home owners and designers using a smaller budget. Granite tiles still gives you the benefit of solid countertops without all the expense. The use of clever design can make granite tiles worthwhile.

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